Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

TOTAL DAMAGE - The Way It Crust To Be (Compilation)

In May 2001, their song “Police Racist Action” and “Anti Police System” was released on “The Way It Crust To Be” compilation by Oposisi Records. Indonesian Hardcore Thrash Crust Grindcore Compilation Feat: Antipathy (Malang), Extreme Decay (Malang), Gory Inhumane Genocide (Tangerang), Allnationdeath (Jakarta), Social Distrust (Jakarta), Total Damage (Jakarta), Caution (Ciputat), Nuclear Dance (Tangerang), Suspect (Ciledug), South Existance (Ciputat), Ntbiotex (Ciputat), Total Corrupt (Ciputat), Klitoris Death (Tangerang), Discrimination (Jakarta), Morvoid (Ciledug), Suck Destroy (Jakarta).

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